Month: March 2015

South Batan Tour – Batanes 3rd Day

IT’S MY THIRD DAY HERE IN BATANES! AND IT’S TIME FOR MY SOUTH TOUR! South Batan tour includes: Ivana, Mahatao, Uyugan, Chawa view deck, Tayid lighthouse, Marlboro country, Imnaju beach, Alapad pass / rock formation, Sitio Song Song ruins, Honesty coffee shop, Old spanish bridge, House of Dakay, Homoron blue lagoon, white beach, Mahatao boat shelter and San Carlos Borromeo church. 3RD DAY! SOUTH BATAN TOUR! 3RD DAY! SOUTH BATAN TOUR! 3RD DAY! SOUTH BATAN TOUR! 3RD DAY! SOUTH BATAN TOUR! 3RD DAY! SOUTH BATAN TOUR! From morning til around 5pm, it’s a full day of exploring the southern part...

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Bumpy Batanes Sabtang Tour

Sabtang tour includes: Port of Ivana to Port of Sabtang, Barrio Savidug and Idjang, Chamantad Cove, Tinyan viewpoint, Old settlement, Chavayan, Murong Beach lunch and Mayahao. SABTANG BATANES DAY 2! BUMPY DAY! SABTANG BATANES DAY 2! AWESOME BATANES! SABTANG BATANES DAY 2! BOAT RIDE TO SABTANG! It’s the second day and it’s the Sabtang tour day! I wake up at around 4am to prepare and by 5:30am the van arrives at Vatan homestay to pick me up. We arrive at the port around 7am and everyone is ready. The Falluja ride is something and the shape of the boat...

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Unforgettable Batanes Day 1 North Tour

It’s my second travel. When i was in Coron last November, i was planning back then where i will go next. When i got back and maybe after two weeks, i made a decision that Batanes is next! Fast forward and here i am in Batanes! It’s Day 1! Initially stayed at Troy’s lodge but transferred to Vatan Homestay due to wifi concerns. Although at Troy’s lodge the price of their overnight stay is much cheaper than Vatan. Troy’s lodge offered me P500 per night while Vatan Homestay around P1,500 per night.  After transferring to Vatan Homestay at around 11:30am,...

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