I’m really hungry earlier. That’s why I made a decision to drive around Pacita Complex to check food stores or something I can eat late afternoon. Then, while driving, I saw this burger joint. I actually ordered a burger here before, but I think they have a different location before. Anyways, from the Facebook account the description of their burger store is “The first and the original Flame Grilled Burgers of San Pedro Laguna.”

They actually have nice labels/names for their burgers like Dynamite Burger Dog, Du Hast, Blitzkrieg, Apocalypse, etc. The costs of their burgers are between P150 to P300. The price is worth it and the mouth watery burgers are tasty. I ordered their classic burger, which is the only photo in this blog post. Don’t worry! Next I’ll order their other burgers and post about it. Yes, I agree for now it’s the best flame grilled burger here in San Pedro Laguna.

You can check their Facebook Page here @hellandbackflamegrilledburgers (this isn’t a promotion i just love their classic burger so i made a post about it)