How To Access Email via Webmail

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So you created your email accounts through CPANEL, the next step now is to access the emai account so you can start using your emails for your personal or business needs.

Here’s a short tutorial how to access your EMAILS through webmail:

Go to or

then in the login fields type your email address with your passsword.

When you successfully logged in your email, you will go in this page with 3 email readers. Just choose ROUNDCUBE or make it a default. ROUNDCUBE for me is the better email reader compare to the other two. It’s easier to use and more powerful yet simple to understand.

Once you select Roundcube, you will go to your EMAIL DASHBOARD and you can start receiving or sending emails. 

Now, if ever the your EMAIL DASHBOARD shows a different language here’s the steps how to change it back to ENGLISH.

then just click all the links that’s encircled in the image below and once in the last selection just select or look for the ENGLISH US or ENGLISH GB

then just click the button below and everything will go back to ENGLISH.

That’s it! You can now sstart using your email to send or receive emails from your contacts. If you have questions feel free to ask me or email me. 


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