7 hours of traffic under the scorching heat of the sun and colorful inflatables plus the resort itself made all the troubles worth the trip. Yes that’s right! We woke up at around 4am and around 5:30am i started driving to Subic. Based from my calculations without the traffic we should arrive by 9am or by 930am. But things happen and upon reaching Quezon City the problem shows up. The traffic from NLEX Balintawak going to North is bumper to bumper and we have to change routes. Not a good idea too since the traffic situation is the same. We arrived at Subic around 12:30pm and we experienced heavy traffic going to Samba Resort (which is where the Inflatables are located). So enough of the whining, we arrived at the resort around 1:30pm just 30 minutes before our play time!

We consumed a lot of liquids and bought smoothies to quench the thirst!

Then by 2pm our inflatable play time started. We went to the inflatables around 2:45pm because by that time the afternoon heat is tolerable. It was a nice and terrifying experience for me. I don’t know how to swim and i’m depending on my lifevest! :)) by the way here are some of the photos of our inflatable island daytrip!