It was my first solo trip and first plane ride ever. It was supposed to go smoothly as planned. Although i didn’t make any reservations with any hostels and tour packages, I know i’m prepared. Too bad my first flight was cancelled that day. I can forgive that since i’m excited and the flight was rescheduled the morning next day (*and not bad because Philippine Airlines gave me with the passengers dinner and accomodation nearby! less hassle!)

Thankfully, the next morning was a good one! The flight to Coron was on schedule and the plane ride was smooth! No first time traumas for me :)) After less then an hour,  I set foot in Coron and my adventure begins!

My 1st day is all about looking for a place to stay and get a tour package for day 2. I end up staying at Seadive Resort (*900 pesos fan room) which is my first choice when i was researching accomodations in Coron. For the tour package, i went to the office of Coron Galeri near Seadive Resort and bought a TourB1 package at around 850 pesos for day 2.


After resting for a few hours, I went out at around 2:30pm to get some merienda/snack before doing my DIY town tour. My plan for day 1 was Mt. Tapyas and Maquinit hot springs. By 3:00pm i decided to hire a tricycle to bring me to my destinations.


Every step was not a joke. I remember resting a few seconds every 100 steps. I remember before going to Coron i went to the gym to lose weight and to prepare for this for 2 months before my Coron trip and yet for some reason i’m still having a hard time. But for every step and sweat that comes out of my body, i know when i reach the top of Mt. Tapyas it’s worth every step!

And guess what! It didn’t disappoint! After an hour of climbing and making each step, i reach the top part! The view was breathtaking and awesome. I stayed there until 5pm. The fresh breeze of the air is what all i need that day after a tiring climb. Ofcourse, i did take some photos! It’s best to go there before sunrise to see how beautiful the island of Coron.



While in Mt. Tapyas, i felt some body ache because of the climb earlier when climbing Tapyas. There’s no questions, i need to go somewhere where i can ease this body ache.. MAQUINIT is the answer!

The tricycle ride was bumpy and kinda long. Going to Maquinit from Mt. Tapyas is around 30 to 45 mins depending how fast your trike is. But anyways, once you arrived in Maquinit all the body aches you felt from climbing Mt. Tapyas will be just a distant memory. The hot spring is super hot but so relaxing. There’s a view of the sea to make your short stay better. I heard some rumors that there is a ghost there but maybe those are just rumors! who knows! :))

DAY 2!


DAY 2!


DAY 2!


CYC beach, Bulungan island, Twin Peaks, Coral Garden, Hidden Lagoon and Kayangan Lake.

I don’t want to make this long. Isn’t ironic that this is where my adventure really begins in Coron and i just want to make it short. I’m doing this not because i didn’t enjoy, but i want you to go there and experience it for yourself!


lf. It’s hard to describe from underwater scenery, the beaches and Kayangan lake, every destination in my day 2 package was just me being speechless about how beautiful the tour was. I met new friends from the tour package and they even thought me how to swim (since i don’t know how to swim.. too bad it’s really hard for me to learn how to swim!). Then the few steps going to Kayangan Lake was breathtaking! That place really gave me the chills in a good way. Our lunch and food was really delicious! It was a near perfect day for me seeing the beauty of Coron and i know there’s still a lot to discover. That’s why i want to go back in the near future and get the other tour packages i didn’t get the first time.

Check out the short video below while i’m on the boat with the other peeps from the tour..

.. oh and about the food.. here it is!

It was an awesome experience for my first solo travel and plane ride. It was a mesmerizing travel experience. All in all i gave this travel experience a……….. (check the rating below)