It was movie time! but since we got the last full show ticket we still have time for dinner, so we explore this new korean restaurant near the ATC cinema near Toby’s and the escalator.. the name of the korean restaurant is Rock and Seoul.

From what I know, Rock and Seoul is from the minds of the Relish Group like Osaka Ohsho, Wee Nam Kee and Kumori Bakery.

The restaurant has a rock and roll concept within their restaurant. The place is full of colors and looks fun. The only problem i had is that the AC seems having problems and the place is a little bit humid.  Anyways, since we are hungry we just don’t mind and we are excited to taste their lineup of korean dishes.

Checkout their menu (the menu images are from zomato website)

We ordered Jeyuk Bokkeum Set P319, Cheesy Fondue with Sweet Soy Chicken P395, Dak Galbi P250, Jap Chae P160 and for the drinks just glasses of Iced Tea 🙂

The Jeyuk Bokkeum and Dak Galbi seems so good. I love how spicy it is. The cheesy fondue was just ok for me, nothing spectacular. The chicken dishes seems juicy. Overall, I think there are some hit and misses with their dishes. Definitely the chicken dishes seems good for me. The price tends to be on the high end level. Serving is just ok for me.

Here are some of the photos of our orders: