I encountered South Streat way back when it was under construction and figuring out what’s the fuzz about it. Then when they opened i saw it again while going up to Tagaytay and i was curious because there’s a lot of cars parked outside of the food park with all the people inside. And that’s when i realized we should try it out and see what kind of food/meals are they selling in the food park. One of the questions running in my head is whether they are different from night markets you usually see in Manila or in Makati.

Anyways ,this is the look of South Streat Tagaytay inside:

One thing about food parks or night markets is that it’s really hard what to eat. I want to taste all the food but ofcourse i have to just select a few and just go back again in the future and order the other ones.

Anyways, I personally like Hafa x Loha by the Q’s Chicken Kelaguen with Coconut Titiyas. It is so delicious. You don’t need rice anymore with this. It’s also spicy which makes it an instant hit! Here’s the photo with the One Potato and Two Potato Salted Egg Chips i ordered:

When it comes to drinks and thirst quenchers.. i love the cucumber juice of Squeezed. I also tried the drinks of Juan Sago but i guess it’s too sweet for me.



Here are some of the photos of the food/meals we ordered:

We already went here twice and everytime we completely consumed our meals, we end up so full my stomach hurts :)) I guess if you are going to Tagaytay or going back home from Tagaytay, it will be nice to have a quick stop here and take your lunch/dinner/snack here in South Streat. It’s Tagaytay’s first ever food park and it doesn’t disappoint.

Location map of South Streat (image and information from https://www.facebook.com/southstreat/)

Complete Address: Everest Sky Pitch, Sta. Rosa – Tagaytay Road, Silang, Cavite