We arrived at the MOA Esplanade around 12:00pm, thankfully the parking is not full and I parked near the counter/security for safety just in case. Then we went to the ferry counter for the Camaya Coast trip and everything went smoothly. Everything happens so fast that I just realized we are boarding the ferry going to Camaya Coast. Here’s the photo inside the ferry:

I like how everything inside the ferry is clean and organize. I think every seat was occupied. Anyways, the travel time will be 2 to 3 hours so it’s better to take a nap. It was raining a little bit but no worries the ferry is fast, a little bit larger and safe.

We arrived around 2:30pm at Camaya Coast and from there we are presented with a beep card we can use for purchasing food and things in the resort. The card is just around P100 and I think you should get one so you can easily purchase things there. Although, if you have cash, no problem they accept cash too. Upon registration, they will give you a food stub which is included when I bought the tickets online. I used metro deal with this tour.  It’s around P899 which includes the ferry ride, lunch, pool access and other things. If you will go there by land the daytrip entrance is P499 or if you will not get a promo deal and you ant to purchase each, the entrance will be P499 and the ferry ride will be around P1000 plus.

Here’s the photo of Camaya when we arrived around 2:30pm:

Once you are on the island, there’s a lot of things you can do. Since we arrive around 2:30pm our ferry will go back around 8pm to take us back to MOA Esplanade. We just have 6 hours to enjoy the resort and I think that’s too short. But that’s ok we will just make the best out of that 6 hours stay at Camaya Coast. So like I said, you can do a lot of things like going to the beach and stroll.

We truly enjoyed our stay there and yes we will go back again because the 6 hours stay is not enough! Here are some of the photos of Camaya Coast:

and here’s the video i made (it’s uploaded in youtube too)