It’s my second travel. When i was in Coron last November, i was planning back then where i will go next. When i got back and maybe after two weeks, i made a decision that Batanes is next! Fast forward and here i am in Batanes! It’s Day 1!

Initially stayed at Troy’s lodge but transferred to Vatan Homestay due to wifi concerns. Although at Troy’s lodge the price of their overnight stay is much cheaper than Vatan. Troy’s lodge offered me P500 per night while Vatan Homestay around P1,500 per night.  After transferring to Vatan Homestay at around 11:30am, i went out and stroll through Basco. It’s just a small town and you can stroll the whole town in half a day specially if you will rent a bike. Anyways, by later afternoon the North Tour starts! I got my tour packages from Bisumi at around P5500 which includes North, Sabtang and South Tour (included: Van transfers, food, etc)

One thing about Batanes and my North Tour is that it showed me how beautiful and awesome the scenery. Every stop was unforgettable. There’s no place like Batanes. Batanes is not about the beaches but more of the scenery, the wind, the people and the food. You can’t compare it to any local destinations here. Truly, it’s something special.. and when i say special it is really special!

Our North Tour destination includes: Valugan boulder beach, Dipanaysupuan Japanese tunnel, Fundacion Pacita, Tuhon Church, Vayang rolling hills, Naidi hills and Basco Town proper.

Valugan beach is picturesque! The tunnel is kinda creepy for me it’s dark but the experience was great. Vayang rolling hills an Instagram worthy type of place because everywhere you go is worth a click of your camera.

Anyways, enought of me talking here’s the video i made for my North Tour in Batanes: